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Team-based stealth multiplayer shooter: Guards vs. Intruders.

Intruder is a multiplayer first-person shooting game made and published by Superboss Games. It is inspired by the great single-player campaigns of Metal Gear Solid, SWAT 3, Deus Ex, and Splinter Cell, and aim to bring that gameplay into a team-based multiplayer shooter. Watch enemy movement through live security cameras and alert your teammates using the hand radio. Use real SWAT hand signals to communicate silently when enemies are nearby. In Intruder, amazing stories and emergent gameplay come from the players’ actions to provide an experience you will never forget. Intruder allows for stealth, teamwork, tactics and environmental interactions never before seen in a multiplayer game. Lure enemies into motion-detectors near explosive traps.

Game Info

Release Date: 1 Mar, 2019
Developer: Superboss Games
Publisher: Superboss Games
Genre: Action, Indie, Shooting
Rating: 75/100


Download - Intruder

Steam Download – Intruder

System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

OS: Win 7
CPU: 64-bit, 2 GHz or Faster
GRAPHIC: Intel HD 3000

Recommended Specifications

OS: Win 10
CPU: 64-bit, 3 GHz or Faster
GRAPHIC: Geforce GTX 750

Game Features:

  • Immersive FPS: climb, crouch, crawl, and swim through the environment.
  • Truly interactive buildings with working security cameras, spotlights, sliding windows, ventilation shafts, and elevators.
  • Use gadgets to trick, trap, distract and outsmart your opponents.
  • Stealth-based missions with multiple objectives and escape routes.
  • Eavesdrop on the opposing team with spatial 3d voice chat.
  • Powerful Unity3d level editor plugin to create your own Intruder maps and game modes
  • Use ragdoll physics to launch your foes out of windows or to play dead while the enemy walks right past you.
  • Regular updates and new features based on community feedback!

Intruder Trailer

Intruder Review

8.2 Total Score

Intruder is hands down the best mix of tactical shooter and stealth sneak 'em up. There are two teams: Intruders and Guards with maximum of 5 players on each team. Intruders need to accomplish the map's objective, The Guards naturally need to stop them. There is no talking with your team after death, no second chances, no killcams, no unlimited sprint, and no class systems. While there are relatively few weapons in the game, the gadgets are plentiful. Defensive gadgets include smoke grenades, sticky explosive charges, and gas grenades which can easily thwart an offensive push or secure a retreat. Offensive gadgets include concussion grenades and lockpicks which can help you push through defensive choke points. There is no one sided advantage over the other, in order to win you need to use teamwork and your own cunning tactics. Every official map has multiple routes to take, no one game is the same. The energy system prevents players from running in with their guns blazing. Sprinting and crouch-walking will decrease your energy while staying still and walking around will regain energy. Overall Intruder is a gripping experience that any fan of the stealth/tactical genre will fall in love with.

User Rating: 4.43 (14 votes)