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Get To The Orange Door

Fight through three separate worlds, each with a unique art and playstyle.

Get To The Orange Door is an indie action game made by Andrew Smith and published by Arcade Coin. A challenging parkour FPS about getting to an Orange Door. Intelligent A.I., challenging obstacles, and numerous other twists and turns cause for a difficult yet enjoyable experience. Seems simple enough, but you will soon understand just how challenging the game can be.

Game Info

Release Date: Summer 2017
Developer: Andrew Smith
Publisher: Arcade Coin
Genre: Arcade, Action, Indie
Rating: 79/100

Website of Get To The Orange Door

Get To The Orange Door

System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

OS: Win 7
CPU: Intel i3 6100
GRAPHIC: Intel Integrated Graphics 530

Recommended Specifications

OS: Win 7 64
CPU: AMD FX 8320 Eight-Core Processor
GRAPHIC: AMD Radeon R9 200 Series

Game Features:

  • A full campaign, spanning over three separate worlds, each with a unique art and playstyle
  • Multiple enemy types and over 20 weapons
  • Horde Mode: an endless wave shooter that gets harder the longer you survive
  • Player Abilties such as time control and self-cloning
  • Classic Mode: A one-shot, one-kill parkour shooter reminiscent of GTTOD when it was first being concepted
  • A full Titanfall-esq parkour system (sliding, clambering, wall-running, etc)
  • Challenge Maps: Crazy, bizarre, and challenging maps meant to test and train your skills in GTTOD
  • A simple play-how-you-want style, beat the game in which-ever order you choose
  • The Edge: An open world map with many challenges and places to explore
  • Key rebinding and controller support

Get To The Orange Door Trailer

Get To The Orange Door Review

8.5 Total Score
Very Good

Get To The Orange Door is a Matrix and Superhot inspired shooting game filled with dubstep, slow motion and much more! It's Mirror's Edge like in many ways, but still stands on it's own. Your task is to get to the Orange Door doing parkour and time-manipulation. Featuring over 20 weapons, full melee system, full wall running/clambering parkour system, multiple enemy types, multiple game modes (with more to come along release), a full campaign, key rebinding, controller support, steam trading cards and achievements!

Very Good
User Rating: 4.56 (9 votes)