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Killing Room

Killing Room offers classical first person gunplay with plenty of weapons and enemies.

Killing Room is a 3D First Person Shooter made by Alda Games. The game is a first person shooter mixed with a rogue-like RPG and reality-show parody. You are an (un)lucky contestant in Killing Room, a popular reality-show in a decadent 22nd century. You know that there is only glory or death – with death winning in 99 out of 100 cases. Killing Room is fictional reality show produced by fictional entertainment company Gore TV. Living in future is very hard for regular people because human work has nearly no value, apart from celebrities, company owners and people working as “slaves” who are willing to do things that even machines refuse.

Game Info

Release Date: 21 October, 2016
Developer: Alda Games
Publisher: Alda Games
Genre: Action, Shooting, Indie, RPG
Rating: 77/100

Website of Killing Room

Killing Room

System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

OS: Win 7
CPU: Intel i3 (or AMD equivalent)
GRAPHIC: With DirectX 9.0c support (strongly recommended at least budget gaming dedicated GPU)

Recommended Specifications

OS: Win 10 64
CPU: Intel i5 (or AMD equivalent)
RAM: 16 GB
GRAPHIC: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 (or AMD equivalent)

Game Features:

  • 8 random generated levels.
  • 8 boss creatures with unique gameplay and intro animations.
  • 15+ weapons, 25+ enemy types, 150+ unique Items, Fighting, puzzle and trap rooms.
  • First person shooter. Killing Room offers classical first person gunplay with many weapons, even melee ones like Scythe or the audience’s favorite flyswatter.
  • Popularity-driven. You will be closely watched not only by an online audience. Your actions will be evaluated by an AI audience as well. If you are boring, your popularity will drop.
  • Rogue-like. There is Permanent death, random generation and very high difficulty in Killing Room so as to ensure that your skills will be properly tested and that every wrong move can cause you a lot of trouble.
  • RPG. Your character is defined by various attributes – Stamina, Health, Speed, Defense, Accuracy, etc. You can invest into boosting these attributes to significantly help you in your desperate effort.
  • Reality-show parody. We love the idea behind the Smash TV game of the Running Man movie/book. The Killing Room therefore aims for this. Your character is in a bad situation but he can become ridiculously rich in few hours.
  • Diverse and rich in content and gameplay. Guns and melee weapons, 3 different ‘worlds’ with unique enemies, boss fights, more than 100 unique items, points of interest with rewards and many more awaits you in Killing Room.
  • Online voting for streamers and viewers. You can let a real online audience decide how you will be rewarded or punished during your playthrough.

Killing Room Trailer

Killing Room Review:

7.7 Total Score
Very Good

Good rogue-like FPS with permanent death, random generation, black humour, professional voice-overs and complex RPG system with many unique items to find. Killing Room is one of those games where one run is not enough. Developers combined fast paced shooter with more complex elements and random generation to make sure you will enjoy every try. The idea of involving the imaginary audience will dictate on how much misery you decide to put yourself through. If you're looking for some fun, rage and excitement then this is the game for you!

Very Good
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