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Lucid Dream

A Story of little Lucy, who goes on an adventure into the world of dreams.

Lucid Dream is an indie adventure game made and published by Dali Games. It is an award-nominated, handcrafted, colorful and emotional point&click adventure game. During the mission to save Lucy’s mother, you will discover fascinating dream worlds. A girl moving on a wheelchair, deals with dreamy visions, faces a heroic fight for the lives of her loved ones. You will find almost 200 items in the game and meet lots of amazing characters, such as: Oneiromancer, Watchmaker of Light, Angle Metatron, Blind Manticore, or The Dreamweaver.

Game Info

Release Date: 8 Oct, 2018
Developer: Dali Games
Publisher: Dali Games
Genre: Indie, Adventure
Rating: 80/100

Lucid Dream

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System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

OS: Win 7
CPU: Dual Core 2,3 GHz
GRAPHIC: Intel HD Graphics 4000

Recommended Specifications

OS: Win 10
CPU: Intel Core i3 2.40 GHz
GRAPHIC: Intel HD Graphics 4000

Game Features:

  • Lunar roofs – where Mr. Moon will ask you for some help.
  • Mind’s Atelier – where you will solve dr Frank’s riddle.
  • Oneiromancer’s Planet – where you will awaken the mysterious Dream Interpreter.
  • Deserts of Time – where, despite warnings from Watchmaker of Light, you will try to change your fate.
  • Land of Souls – where you will help a lost spirit find peace.
  • Swamps of Seeing – where you will find your way through the stars and face your fears.
  • Hills of Grief – where you will rescue the centaur Chiron from eternal pain.

Lucid Dream Trailer

Lucid Dream Review

8 Total Score
Very Good

Lucid Dream is a thrilling story about the adventures of little Lucy. Painfully experienced by fate, the girl wanders the colorful dream worlds in search of help for her sick mother. For a girl chained to a wheelchair, this is the only chance to get rid of physical limitations, and achieve the desired goal. During the game, we will get to know a number of incredible characters, inhabiting surrealistic lands, and we will face dozens of challenging puzzles. Thanks to the wonderful, hand-drawn graphics, each dream world is a unique atmosphere, additionally enhanced by a dedicated musical setting. Delving into the story of Lucy, it is impossible not to shed tears. Held in suspense and full of unexpected twists, history will be remembered for you long after Lucid Dream is finished. Check if fate will be kind to little Lucy? A wonderfully dark and twisted point and click puzzler. The story can be compared to Alice In Wonderland due to it's dream like world with heavy tones of surrealism. The music is fitting to the dark and mysterious world you are exploring, and each character you encounter seems important to the world you are discovering. Expect the story to linger in your mind for a long time.

Very Good
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