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Try Hard Parking

Difficult, Fun, Fast, Frustrating and Rage Inducing Gameplay with great music to keep your cool.

Try Hard Parking is an indie car driving game made and published by gearspecs. Tempt fate & physics as you navigate obstacle courses in pursuit of your holy parking spot in this 80s retro environment in Try Hard Parking! Put your driving skills to the test in this retro styled game as you jump,drop and carefully steer across levels full of obstacle to reach your holy parking lot. This is not your typical parking game. We have so many driving games these days that they are proud of their driving skills. Do a good time and throw the controller to a friend and see all his driving skills diminish.

Game Info

Release Date: 4 Jan, 2017
Developer: gearspecs
Publisher: gearspecs
Genre: indie, racing
Rating: 70/100

Try Hard Parking

Website of Try Hard Parking

System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

OS: Win 7
CPU: Single Core 2.0 Ghz
GRAPHIC: Nvidia 9400M or ATi/AMD HD 2400 or Intel HD 4000

Recommended Specifications

OS: Win 10
CPU: Quad Core 2.0 Ghz
GRAPHIC: Nvidia GTX 650/Radeon 7780/ Intel HD 520 and Above

Game Features:

  • 10 Unique Crazy Levels with Different Vehicles ranging from 80s known Cars to A-Team’s Van.
  • Some Trophies can only be achieved within a limited amount of tries after that its gone (Consequence filled Score Resetting, which makes you lose all your best times)
  • Difficult, Fun, Fast, Frustrating and Rage Inducing Gameplay with great music to keep your cool.
  • Steam Achievements with some levels with hidden achievement. (Do “Trial 1” in under 45 seconds and 5 Tries, to get a cool achievement)
  • Game Trophies such as “Grand ma” for slowest and “Takumi 86” for Fastest or “Super Tuber” for extreme players.

Try Hard Parking Trailer

Try Hard Parking Review

8.5 Total Score

Try Hard Parking is a wacky driving game with a distinctly '80s aesthetic”. Welcome to "The Hardest and most rage inducing Parking Game in The World", just give it a try. “Hard” is still an understatement in its case. Was it fun though? Depends on your own vision in regards to entertainment. It didn’t amuse me one bit, having to restart the same stage at least a dozen times because of the ultra sensitive car controls, which you can’t actually tune in any way. Handbrake or not, you will notice from the very start that the cars handle like refrigerators on rollerblades as if inertia itself wants you to fail and hit that reset button one more time. Or simply picky yourself up the floor and go back at the starting position. If you like a game with a real challenge this should fit the bill.

User Rating: 5 (3 votes)