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Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

UEBS – the most powerful real time battle rendering ever!

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is an upcoming simulation strategy game developed by Brilliant Game Studios. Essentially, UEBS is a game like Totally Accurate Battle Simulator where you battle huge armies against each other. On top of that, you can play as any one of the units in the game, getting up close and personal to help change the tides of a massive battle! The sky is the limit when you are playing in a sandbox supported by revolutionary crowd rendering technology with mass AI, where each individual unit has his own brain while they all work together for the greater good. Much work has been done, not only to make sure ridiculous battles run, but also function with fairly stable results. Mess around with a massive variety of units. Everything from, Roman Centurions, Medieval soldiers, Knights, Orcs, Trolls, and yes, chickens! Enjoy this massive battle of thousands characters with tens of thousands of physics projectiles flying through the air simultaneously, pushing UEBS to its limits!

Release Date: 12 April, 2017
Developer: Brilliant Game Studios
Publisher: Brilliant Game Studios
Genre: Strategy, Simulation
Rating: 85/100

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Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

System Requirements

Estimated system requirements

Minimum Specifications

OS: Win 7
CPU: Intel i5
GRAPHIC: NVidia GTS450 / AMD Radeon 6850HD

Recommended Specifications

OS: Win 10 64
CPU: Intel i7
RAM: 16 GB

Game Features:

  • Pit massive armies against each other!
  • There are simply no limits to the carnage you can achieve.
  • The most powerful real time crowd rendering ever!
  • You can play as any one of the units in the game.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Trailer

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Review

6.3 Total Score

Epic Battle Simulator is a sandbox simulation like no other. The game allows players to pit a variety of armies against each other, composed of various simulated characters, including Roman Centurions, chickens, fantasy creatures and penguins. The action can be observed from any perspective, enabling the player to have better view of the fight. Unit possession allows the player to possess any soldier he wants, enabling the player to change the outcome of a battle in a very close and personal way. I haven't seen a game before that render so many high poly models in real time. It's almost insane, not even Total War is capable of doing and they have been doing it for years! Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is based on modified Unity technology. This enables it to present great number of units while keeping a decent level of graphics.

User Rating: 2 (1 votes)