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Project Genom


Project Genom is an open world, non-target sci-fi MMO with an innovative character progression system made by NeuronHaze. Sci-fi mmorpg Project Genom will let you participate in the battle for the survival of humankind. Dozens of unique skills, three paths of leveling, broad weapon range, diverse armor, no-target combat system and much more awaits you in the world of Genom. Where the fate of your character wholly depends on the decisions you make. There is no one “correct” way to play this game. Each mission can be approached differently, and your choice will not only affect the skills you obtain, but also the fate of the world. Every action in the game entails consequences. Maybe you will spark a mutant invasion with a careless shot, or create a cure for a lethal virus by eating an unknown plant, or help fix the ark immortalizing your name. Unveil the mysteries of the planet exploring the vast open world with multiple locations but stay away from nests and their aggressive inhabitants.

Game Info

Release Date: 12 October, 2016
Developer: NeuronHaze
Publisher: NeuronHaze
Genre: Action, Multiplayer, RPG
Rating: 72/100

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Project Genom

System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

OS: Win 7
CPU: 2 GHz quad-core Intel or AMD
GRAPHIC: GeForce GTX 460 or equivalent
HDD: 11 GB

Recommended Specifications

OS: Win 10 64
CPU: 2.5 GHz quad-core Intel or AMD
GRAPHIC: GeForce GTX 860 or equivalent
HDD: 11 GB

Game Features:

  • Non-target combat system. This system makes all combats truly intense and dynamic, allowing you to build your own combat tactics.
  • Property. Each player will be able to build one’s own personal cabin. The property can become the pride of its owner, as it can be used to display collections of weapons, equipment, pets and rare artifacts.
  • Character development. In Project Genom, there are no classes and subclasses, but you have dozens of development trees with hundreds of abilities in each, allowing to create a truly unique character.
  • Space. When you build up your own team on your board, you will be able to travel to other planets and discover new worlds. Be at the helm and fly wherever you’d like to!
  • Open World. The huge responsive Universe with dozens of planets and areas in which anyone can find their place.
  • Crafting system. A vast variety of resources allows you to create weapons, armor, medicines and other game items, discovering different combinations of materials.
  • Transport. The world of Project Genom stretches for many miles, which means traveling is much more comfortable than going on foot.
  • Game balance. In the world of Project Genom, nobody will be able to gain advantage for real money. Everything players can use is associated with skills that develop when a player use abilities or when something is done.
  • Special equipment. The game provides players with unique high-tech equipment, which is very difficult to get. Exoskeletons, organic coatings, manipulators — all designed to perform particularly difficult tasks.
  • Pets. Those who are not so willing to build up a team, it is still possible to have a partner.

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Project Genom Review:

7.2 Total Score

Project Genom is an unique shooter with elaborate role-playing system. An online game in which you will join the human race in their struggle for survival. Pilot a walking robot, transform your body's DNA, use various kinds of high tech, build spaceships and explore new worlds! Graphically Project Genom is a gorgeous game, and the combat mechanics show a lot of promise, effectively removing 'tab targeting' in favor of a more action-oriented system. It's VERY Early Access, but the base of a good game is there. The Unreal 4 engine looks beautiful and it has solid animations.

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